Gordon Research Conference

Honoured to be invited to the Gordon Research Conference on High-Temperature Corrosion in 2023. The topic of this year is Degradation Mechanisms, Life Prediction and Improved Materials for Application in Extreme Environments, see GRC website. My talk covers recent efforts in bridging experimentation and modelling for lifetime prediction and design against corrosion.

A book in Computational Thermodynamics

大致翻了一下 《Computational Thermodynamics The Calphad Method》 by Hans Leo Lukas. 基本围绕Thermo-Calc写的。包括从热力学基础,再到实现算法,优化方法,再到数据来源及采集处理 (包括实验及第一性原理计算),最后到应用。整体来说还是很实用的一本书,基本上重要的东西都cover到了,如果要做Thermo-Calc数据库的话,这本书还是很有价值的。

ps 最后应用部分引用了我二老板相场模拟超合金凝固的工作。不错不错…